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Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blogging Break

Dear Friends

We are having a blogging break.  Can you send our daughter love and positive thoughts.
Take care and we'll update in a few weeks.

Love Carol

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Friends

Tyler hopes Rory's leg doesn't slip and he gets squashed, hehe.

Mmmm, I love a good neck scritch.

When you're nearly 14, you can sleep however you want.

Have a wonderful weekend mates.
No worries, and love, Stella, and Rory, and Tyler, and Jinx


Monday, September 22, 2014

Stinky and slobbery - yeah that's mum.

Howdy mates.  Mum loves to sit at the 'puter most mornings checking out lots of crxp interesting stuff.  We snoopervise when she is checking out all our Blogville furriends and tell her what to write.  

While she looks and comments, I Rory, like to rub my head all over her lap, arms and chest making it impossible more entertaining for her to type.  I'm not joking.  I can do it for hours cause I just love having a head massage, especially with ear scritches as well.  Mmmm, mum's dressing gown smells devine.

It also gives me the opportunity to wipe any slobber or eye boogers (ewwwwww) on her dressing gown.  She hates loves the feeling of those cold wet snots on her hehehe.  You'll have to forgive mum's PJs, she's never been known to be a follower of fashion.  Up here in the hills, you wear whatever it takes to keep warm hehe.

Stella lays around waiting to get breakfast.  I know, criminal isn't it, that we have to wait for breakfast.


After my face is clean, I know there is nothing to do but relax and wait for mum to finish.

Can you see my carpet squares? They are rubber backed.
 I love them and can walk from the family room to the lounge room without fear of slipping.

See you all soon mates.   Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Mum is feeling extra happy 
and we will have some news for you all soon.  
No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella