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Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vet visit for Rory

Howdy mates.  Today I went to the Vet.  You know how I slip over every now and then, well I have a pretty big haematoma on my bum cheek.  Mum thought it might need to be drained.  It doesn't bother me and it's not sore or anything.  Anyhoo, off we went with Stella cracking the you know whats, cause she was left home.

When we go to the Vets, mum always walks me around the car park and I get to say howdy to anybody that wants to say hello.  Believe me, I'm popular and always get some lovely pats.

Well Ms Prue calls me in and talks to mum and dad and gives me the once over.  She checked my bum cheek, all fine.  Not necessary to drain anything.  She also checked some lumps I have.  Some were fatty lumps and some were fluid filled cysts.  I've had these for a long time.  It's just me.  I don't care.  You can call me Lumpy if ya want.  Cool.  

So to cut a long story short, Ms Prue thought I looked wonderful.  She thinks I'm walking pretty good for a wonky boy and I agree.  I do slip over every day but that's life.  Ya just gotta dust yourself off, have a shake and on ya go.  

So mates, go on, get out there and love life.  Tell ya mum and dad I said you all need extra treats just because they love ya. 

See ya dudes.

No worries, and slobbery love, Rory and Stellie

P.S.  Mum is giving me a new food with special oils and more natural stuffs and I have lost a few kilos cause it's better for my joints.  I now only weigh 88.4 kgs (194 lbs).





Monday, June 29, 2015

Bertie Boffin's Blogville Darwin-lite Award

Howdy mates.  We are here to offer up our Dad as a candidate for Bertie Boffin's Blogville Darwin-lite award.

Many years ago when all the hu-siblings were young and before our time, our family had a wonderful cocker spaniel called Kara.   Well one day, Dad left home to go walking.  He is around the corner from our place and sees Kara ahead of him.  He is surprised and wonders how she got out.  He calls her and she comes running up but her face looks a bit fluffy.  He thinks it's like that from squeezing through the fence and escaping.

Well he drags her all the way home and pushes her through the gate cause she didn't want to come in.   He comes in to tell mum and that is when the kids see TWO, NOT ONE, BUT TWO, golden cocker spaniels in the yard.  WTH?    

Bwahahahahahaha.  Our dad had bought home the WRONG DOG!!  Now you'd think he would know his OWN DOG and the kids and mum knew STRAIGHT AWAY, that it wasn't Kara cause our dog had red hair on her head and blonde ears whereas this cocker had blonde hair on her head and red ears!   What a crack up.  To make it even more funny, the dog Dad found was called Zara!   

We have never let our Dad forget it.  He still claims she looked the same as Kara.   Bwahahahaha.  We did find her owner, she was a rescue dog and had escaped from her new home.  

Here is our sissy with Kara (red head, blonde ears) and here is me (pretend Zara) blonde head and red ears).

Hope you enjoyed our story.  
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Friday, June 26, 2015

Me and Dad

Howdy mates.
Dad took me walking.
I was on my best behaviour.  

 Who needs a lead.  Pfffft.
Me and dad talked about manly stuffs.  
You know, footy, work, cars and beer (even though I haven't had a beer yet hehe).

We had a good time together.

I managed to walk about 1 km.
I was knackered at the end.
Maybe I need a Service, hehe. 

Have a good weekend all.
No worries, and slobbers, Rory