Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Undieanna Jones, The Search for the Lost Undies

Hi Everybuddy.  Its Stella here, not Undieanna Jones as my Dad now calls me!!!  The darn cheek of him.  Its not my fault if family members are too lazy to put their washing in the laundry.  I'm just doing my best to help out.  Too lazy with their socks as well.  A pup can only do so much.  

 In other exciting news, I am now a graduate.  Yes, that's right, me.  

On my first visit I was the life of the party.  (Mum here, she was a total whimpy guts, hid behind my legs the whole time).

Second visit, they were all loving my bubby personality. (She came out for the second half of the lesson but ducked behind my legs if any others came too close).

Third visit and I had them eating out of my paw.  (She played with some of the pups smaller than herself and tried to steal their treats).

Last visit, they were all clammering for my address to come for a playdate.  I was the star of the show for sure.  (Last visit and she played with all the pups big and small and still tried to steal their treats).

I felt I handled the whole thing rather well.  I can't wait to start big school soon.  

Have a wonderful weekend everybuddy.  We have great weather here for our last few days of winter.  I have heard that some of my blogging friends are expecting a terrible storm.  Our family is keeping our fingers and paws crossed that you will all be safe and well. 

 No worries, and love, Stella   


  1. PAWsonally I believe that any Clothing left within REACH is FAIR GAME... and OH what a GAME it is.. RIGHT???

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FURST GRADUATION. I LOVED the way you described all the exciting action for each of your classes.. HOWEVER, your MOM.. could use some HELP.. if SHE is gonna be trying to TELL Us STUFFS. I'm just sayin. BaaaaaWaaaHHHHHHH

  2. Hi Stella, I just saw your question about Jelly/Jam.
    Jelly is made just from the fruit juice.. and when you hold up a jar to a bright light you can kind of see through it. Jam is made with more of the fruit's Pulp plus all of the juice. It is too thick to be able to see through and has a hearty flavor and a tiny bit of texture. THEN there is also somethingy called preserves... and that has the juice, pulp, and some bits of the actual fruit. It is rather LUMPY. A bit like Orange marmalade. When MY peaches get ripe.. in about 2 weeks or so... my mom will use THOSE to make Peach Preserves. If any of your mom's furends wants this info... YOU be sure to tell them about the differences... beclaws as we just saw... your mom kinda gets stuffs.. giggle.... Wrong. BaaaaHaaaWaaaaaHaaaaa
    Now do NOT let her actually SEE this... beclaws you KNOW we don't want ANY of our Peeps to KNOW that we "poke fun" at them. RIGHT???

  3. And just to add to Frankie's comment, our Mom loves strawberry and peach preserves!!!

    Congrats, Miss Stella Undieanna Jones - great job at puppy school. Lightning will need to start pretty soon too.

    Have a great weekend, and we join you in sending good thoughts for all those in the path of the storm.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Stella, anything left on the YOURS. And anything left in reach. When I was a pup, I, Daisy, used to bury one of each pair of HER socks.....I always left HER one sock. We are still diggin' up those socks eight years later!

    Congrats on the school thing.......cadge treats however you can.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Well if you're trying to helpfully remind them to put up their laundry, I hardly think you should be blamed.

    It sounds like you were the star at school. Your gonna ace big puppy school!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Hi Stella, I know that your family appreciates your help with the laundry. Gosh, if there are ever looking for any piece of missing clothing, they'll know where to look. Saves them all that time wandering around the house. Congratulations on the pre-puppy school. My mom said its all about socialization. Kind of like a "meet and greet" for doggies. Good luck Stella.

  7. Stella..congratulations on your preschool puppy graduation!

    Undies, knickers socks all great paw catches.

    We love your header photo..we can't believe how much you have grown!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

    P.S. Thank paws our blogger probbie is mended!

  8. Hi Stella Bella!! We agree with Frankie, any clothing left around is OURS :-) Congratulations on your graduation, what a fab certificate too! Have a great weekend whatever you're up to, Dex and Lou xxx

  9. Yay, congrats Stella! And I love your mum's translations :)

  10. Hi Stella Down Under(wear!)

    You will enjoy this kind of thing for a while, you are just a baby now, but when you get bigger you will find lots of more interesting things to carry around!

    Congratulations on your graduation from pre Puppy School. Sounds like you did fine!

    Stella Up Over!

  11. Congratulations Stella!!! Holly always commends you for the socks...when she was a puppy, she constantly took the socks out of the laundry basket and would never give them back!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  12. Dawling little Stella
    I'm so pwoud of you
    I just know you wewe the dawling of the class and did exceptionally well. Congwatulations!!!! (Mommi wants to climb thwoo the pootew and kiss youw tummie on youw headew pictoowe) anyway, I think you should get tweats fow all that laundwy wowk youw doing
    hoomans sometimes awe so unappweciative
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess than you fow thinking of us in the stowm


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