Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Monday, May 28, 2012

HBO Words, Gasp!

Howdy Everybuddy, aren't the weeks flying by, well for us they are.  We're nearly half way through our local footy season. James has won some games and lost some, so not too bad so far.   I consider myself a sporty type of guy too.  Only trouble is, sometimes I can't find my ball.

Our cold weather makes me want to snuggle with my teddy,

or my sissy.

Stellie got caught pretending to be a 'bride'.  Anyone who took her on would soon know who wears the pants in the household.  

Oh, and on another matter.  Quite trivial really.  Hardly worth mentioning actually.  There we were, walking along, quite peacefully, having fun, you know, me and mum, mum and me.  Next thing you know.  BAM!  Mums on the ground.  Hands and knees.  Didn't even see it coming.  Well neither did I, but I had to respond didn't I?  I made mum fall over!  Sorry mum, it wasn't my fault really.  It was those blasted dogs behind the fence,  yelling HBO words at me.  Well, a boy has to do what a boy has to do.  Right?  Er, as I found out, Wrong!

I heard more HBO words and thought, yay mum you tell those little ratbags.  WTF!   She was yelling them at ME!  Oh the shame, the embarrassment.  She made me walk past the name calling, fence snarling, little basxxxxs.  Then she made me sit near them!!  Then she made me walk past again, then sit some more. She even GROWLED AT ME! 

Sorry Mum. You know I love ya, don't ya?
 Mum says I am a work in progress.  Whatever, I don't care what she calls me, as long as she calls me her little man.  We are going really well at dog school and I don't have any problems with the other dogs there.  I just didn't like the rude ones behind the fence.  Mum says, I just have to learn to ignore them.  I will try my best!  Now can we please not mention it again Mum?  Please?  Ok thanks.  Phew.  By the way, no photo of mum's sore knee.  Her legs are way too hairy to even consider it hehe.

 Tyler is spending a few nights with us.  His mum is away in Darwin and my other sissy is working the dreaded night shift at the hospital.

I know it's a dangerous end to sleep at, but hey, its been cold, and I'll take any kind of hot air I can (eeuuuww, hehehe).

Anyhoo mates, see ya soon.  Enjoy your nice weather.  Ours has been pretty yuck lately, but its Autumn, nearly Winter so what else can we expect aye?
 No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella



  1. Oh now you want to be a sled dog?
    So sorry to hear about Mumsie's must go easy on her.
    Get well soon, Mumsie!
    BTW, I have family working in both Adelaide and Darwin hospitals.
    Hope your knee isn't too bad. Those kind of falls happen so fast and can be really sore.
    sending lotsaluv and healing vibes.

  2. Hope your Mum's getting better Rory - that fall sounds painful. You were provoked I'm sure but maybe you forgot just how strong you are and it's always better to just ignore rude barkers anyway then it spoils their fun. Take care - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  3. Rory,

    We sure hopes your sweet momma's knee is ok today. Doesn't her know you is tryin' to protect her from dose rude doggies? ;) Max hears a lot more HBO words from mom den I do. Him is a work in progress too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS We miss all of you but we is fine. Mom has been sickie fur da past few months, hopefully we will get back to bloggin' soon.

  4. I know how it is Rory mate. There's a Yorkie that lives near me and every time I walk past his house he calls me a big furry f**ker!! Then Mum shouts when I respond & try to eat him! It's so unfair! Deccy

  5. Rory you are a laugh , hope your mum is OK? As for Stella , we have that in common , I do the bride thing when doing my important homeland security bit.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Rory I have been where you are Dog. I don't mean Down Under, but with rude dogs. But after a little practice, I just keep walking right by and don't give them a glance. OK I do glance some times and I am ashamed to admit I stick my tongue out at them Cuz I'm going a a great walk and they are stuck behind a fence. But anyway, It took no time at all to just ignore the rude buggers.

  7. Wowy and Stella

    I would cuddle wif you to keep you wawm anytime

    I'm sowwy youw Mum felled ovew, but honestly, I can't see how else you coold we act when a bunch of nasty guys yell HBO wowds at just have to go at least tell them to stop, sheesh..I know you cewtainly didn't mean to yank youw Mom ..and you'll aways be hew little man
    Stella , you'we hillawioos in youw veil..maybe planning to join a nunnewy? don't, hehehehe
    smoochie kissses

  8. Looks like you have lots of coddle options! We don't like the mean dogs behind the fence either. They are very scary!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. I have issues with other dogs on our walkies and I will not be showing your post to my mom, Rory! It sounds like your mom is determined to set you straight! I hope treats were involved - lots of them!

    Love ya lots,

  10. Hi Stella and Rory, I see other dogs on my walks too. Mostly they're okay. I sniffs them and then I move on. Some of them bark and lunge at me from behind windows or from across the street. I just look at them (like why should I care???) and then my dad gives me some treats and we walk on. I hope that your mom's legs and knees are better. Maybe she feels bad now and will give everyone a bag or treats. Oh yeah, we'll take both you and Stella in if your mom gives you guys a vacation up here.

  11. Rory, Just hold your head up high when you walk past, they just mad cause your walking, they not. Sorry about mom's knees, you are kinda big, so tripping over you is probably kinda of easy. Sorry Rory.
    Stella is pretty cute as a bride. What a treat to have Tyler stay over nights.

    The silvers and more

  12. Sounds like there were a lot of HBO words flying about and to think your Momma embarrassed you in front of those little ratbags! I am glad your Momma was okay though. Thankfully her legs were hairy as I'm sure it helped protect her from even more injury! LOL!

  13. I'll start this on a PAWSitive note... STELLA you make a gorgeous BRIDE.. You should be featured in one of those Bridal SHOWS or a Magazine!!!

    NOW about that Unfortunate incident during your walk. Rory... I think you did the RIGHT THINGY... you can NOT allow those RUFFIANS to be talkin to your MUM that way!! You HAD to react and try to pawtect her DELICATE EARS (SHORT and SMALL though they may be) from that Auditory Attack!! SHE simply misunderstood and to make matters worse.. managed to FALL!!! CERTAINLY NONE of THIS was YOUR FAULT! I'm just sayin.
    Enjoy your company.

  14. Hope you all warm up soon, we know just how you feel. We are ashamed to say this, but we ARE those crazy little dogs who bark at big dogs. Mum screams "Are you INSANE" at us. We are all just trying to protect them though, right?
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  15. Rory, we are so sorry about your Mum falling. If it had been ours, she would have had several broken bones - we hope those bad dogs don't bug you again.

    We love your header shot - nice to have a sweet pal to snuggle with:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Oh dear! That is why even on really hot days my momma never wears her short pants whilst walking me because you just never know. Right? Hope mom is OK.

    Yes, it is hard not to respond when some fresh doggie is launching HBO words at you. It does help to have some hot doggies. I know of one little doggie on my street who always yells at me. Momma made me walk ever closer to his house over several days and always gave me hot dogs as soon as he yelled. You know what? Now when I walk by his house I howl until he comes out his doggie door and then I turn to momma and get my hot doggie and we are all happy.


    P.S. Momma says I am not good at generalizing and that I have only learned not to yell back at THAT doggie. Sigh.

  17. SO SO sorry your Mom fell!!! I fall at least 2 times a year and it tears Tom up. He gets so upset. I say it is just part of walking. When I had Joker and we walked 5 miles a day--every day, I was over 20 years younger, I still fell about 2 times a year!!!

  18. We've been having frosty mornings. Winter has come early for us....but we have to admit, the days are nice.

    Sorry your mum fell over...especially when it was the dogs-behind-the-fence's fault! Sometimes we nearly pull HER arm out of socket when we lunge.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. Oh, Rory, I totally understand the rude dogs. You know me, I love ALL other animals but the neighbor dogs on the other side of the fence is rude, rude, rude. When mom starts the lawn mower I yell HBO words back that them because I do not think mom can hear me but she says she sees my mouf moving and can read my lips (YIKES) and I get in trubull efurry time. Sigh.

  20. Ooops!
    I can imagine the whole episode!
    I wish you all warm days!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. dude, I know where the ball is.....If you get in the car, stick your head out the window when it is going real fast, then look in the side mirror and I think you will see it.

    Sorry about your mum and the fall thing. I beleive My Vickie has used a few of those words time and again as I was growing. You really have to keep an eye on your humans and not the other dogs cause they tend to trip themselves whenever other dogs are aroudn.

    Not sure what that means. maybe all humans should have another set of legs like us and they wouldn't trip so much.

  22. Funny rory, I have that problem too, I always loose the tennis ball! Mum actually had a scare the other day because I tried to swallow it and it got stuck! :(

    Stellie you would make a beautiful bride.
    Oh dear Rory, maybe your Mum shouldn't be in your way? You must be quite hard to spot at times, bol!

    Have a great week


  23. I feel the same way Rory. Gotta tell those chickens behind the fence who's boss no? Lily livered slander slingin Hatfields ;) Maybe Mum can give you more room next time ;)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Luv your Teddy!

  24. Rory we don't have other dogs around here to bark at but we do have deer, fox and coons and MAN does Zoie BARK at them!!

  25. OOh ma gooderyness, I hoppe dat yoor mummers hairyy nees arr okay!? Iz bett theyy arr nutt as hairry as mine, or yoors heeheheee!! N yoor piktyoor owf yoo snugglin upp wiv yoor teddy is jusht too cyoot! heehee love n likkers, pdorg xox

  26. OUCH! Hope she wasn't too injured! You are still her little man, no worries about that!

  27. I didn't know that dogs yelled HBO words. That's terrible. You just have to ignore them, Rory. You can do it, "little man".

    My R took me out the other day. He suddenly darted behind me and then forward so his leash swept my legs right out from under me. I said a few HBO words myself :)

  28. and Tucker have similar issues with "the dogs behind the fence". We have two "barkers" who are down the road from us that we have to pass by on walks and when those two are out....oh boy Tucker goes ballistic! He ignores me totally. Thankfully he is not as big as you or I too would be on the ground. Like your mom I need to practice with Tucker to ignore them...I just better because none of us are leaving.

    From now on make sure to give some warning to mom or better yet only have eyes for her.....

  29. Poor Momma! I hope she's OK after her tumble. I'm sure she knows you meant no harm, but those HBO words do fly when we're injured. I keep forgetting that you are headed into winter, even as we get to our warm summer season!

  30. Stella makes a lovely bride! And you are so cute cuddling with your teddy! Hope mum's scrapes and aches go away quickly and that you find a way to just discount those yappers.

  31. Oh gosh, hope your mom is OK. I have tripped my mom a couple of times, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  32. Oh dear...we would have barked back at those HBO dogs too. But Rory, you are a freight train in have to be careful when you drag your mom. Hope she is okay. Stanzie dragged our dad across the gravel once, when a rabbit ran across the road. He said some HBO words too.


  33. Ooooooh, hope your mom is okay!!!

  34. Rory, I'm sorry those bad dogs made you lose your place & trip your mom. You know she has already forgiven you, though.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  35. Hope your mum's injuries get better soon! We know you'll try your hardest not to do that again and we bet your human is going to make sure you don't! Our human says she did the right thing making you walk back and fourth and ignore those dogs!! :)

    Gosh Stella! You are very brave lying at that end!!

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  36. Oh dear, Rory - we can totally relate coz...ahem, well, I do that too when I meet rude doggies behind fences! It is my biggest 'trigger' - and I started at about the same age as you. It was one of the reasons we went ot see a private trainer in the end coz Hsin-Yi was flipped off her feet so many times that she got too scared to walk me around our neighbourhood (which had LOTS of doggie behind fences!) and even today, although I have learnt my manners - if we get "ambushed" by a doggie suddenly from behind a fence (that we didn't know about), I can totally lose it. So I hate to say this - but you might be like me and it will become a lifelong "work-in-progress"! :-) I'm fine with other doggies too when I meet them in class or walk past them in the street - but put a barrier between us and if they so much as snort in my direction, I react! :-)

    Anyway, so Hsin-Yi just wanted to tell your human not to feel alone - she knows EXACTLY what it's like and she totally sympathises. By the way, when I react, Hsin-Yi also makes me walk back & forth past many times and do my training next to it and make me IGNORE them - so your human did the right thing!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane


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