Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slobber and Squirrels?

Howdy Everybuddy

I was really happy to see mum get home yesterday.
I like to rub my face on her and
 woops, it was a bit slobbery hehehe
No worries, and slobbers

Hi Everyone, I have a question for you.  I have tried putting photos from the internet on my blog and when I do I have realised my blog post does not appear as posted on other people's blogs.  For example yesterday I posted Squirrels.    Does anyone know why this would happen.  It does get published, just doesn't appear on anyone's list of new posts.  Hope this makes sense.  Cheers, Carol


  1. OMD OMD.... Love the slobber on your Mum's shirt. I'll bet she was so THRILLED that she will NEVER EVER wash it. I'll bet the next time you show it to us... she will have it FRAMED and Proudly Hangin on the wall.

    Now about that posting thingy... all I can tell you is that I did NOT see a post from you yesterday. Whine Whimper.. Sorry I missed it.
    No Worries, Frankie & Ernie

  2. Hey GUESS WHAT????? I was just starting to scroll down through more posts and I can now see your Squirrel Post.. it says that it posted 2 hours ago.
    I'm off to read it Now... see you in like 87 seconds.

  3. Poots here - all I can say is "Ewwwwww" with the slobber thing. I saw this to Honey a lot!!!

    Second, the mystery of Google strikes again! I can tell you that in my "reading list" today this post popped up as "32 mins ago" and the Squirrels post is marked "2 hours ago"........but it does appear. Don't know if that helps!!

    Poots xxxx

  4. This happened to one of my posts when blogger transferred me automatically from the old version to the new version, it didn't post the one I had scheduled for the day and no one saw it :( I don't know any other reason why.

  5. I've had scheduling problems ever since the new version started, so I try to post live now (not schedule in advance).

  6. Not sure what happened to the Squirrels post but we see it there now.

    We sort of think Mom might not have been too happy about all that slobber but we know she was happy to see you:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Sure that was a wet welcome!
    Blogger acts weird from time to time...
    Kisses andhugs

  8. I have no idea and MOM sure hasn't a clue, but that's normal. I still don't see the squirrel post. Very sad about that.

  9. I see your squirrel post! I like the way you washed Momma shirt! LOL!

  10. We see your squirrel post and pictures!! We see the dog slobber too..hee hee!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  11. Oh I know your pain, thats me every time I come home from being away at work

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. Good job, Rory! You're mastering the technique for using shirts as napkins, a required Big Dog skill.

    We just keep our favorite blogs in our Favorites on IE, then manually read as many as mama will let us most days. So we don't get any lists or notices about new blog posts. Sorry we can't help.

    Jed & Abby

  13. We don't know why it does that, but we've noticed that often something appears on our blog list but that post does not appear on the blog.....just blogger we guess. Very annoying.

    Great work, Rory.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  14. Ahhhh...pup slobber. : ) Your shirt looks like it would fit right in with our clothes that have been 'newfed'!

  15. We wish we could help you with you 'puter problem, but you see we are a bit technically challenged!! We're sure someone will know the answer though :)
    We see your squirrel post though!

    We were always naught never to wipe your dirty hands on your've got the right idea Rory, you wipe them on someone else's!! (*Hee! Hee!* In this case it's jowles not hands)

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  16. Rory that was a lot of slobber! BOL! :)

    On your Mum's puter probs. Scratchin my head... Blogger bein bad again? Hopefully it will clear up on its own :)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Contest Today!

  17. BOL I love it - I use to look like that with Fred all the time!! I am not sure whats going on with your pictures - we dont use blogger we use wordpress - in my reader I could see all the other pictures but now all I see is the shirt pic on your actual site. Im sorry I cant help :(

    Thank you for all the sweet words about Fred.

  18. OMD, I thought your mom had SKWERREL SLOBBER on her! Thank dogness it was dog slobber! The harmless kind. Going to go look fur those skwerrels now.

  19. Ewww, that is so funny, sorry!
    I'm afraid I can't help you at all, I am technologically challenged and get confused just picking up the telephone, lol!
    Lynne x

  20. the more slobbers the more love, right?! woo should throw in a tackle too! guess it depends on how long she's been gone.

    blogger, photos.. and stuff gets glitchy sometimes. just give a grr!


  21. Now, those are some good good slobbers! Not sure what's going on with blogger... we got this post and your squirrel post with in an hour or two of each other!

  22. You really let mom know how much you missed her and I bet she did appreciate it...really!

    Sorry I can't help with the posting....I see your post for squirrels when I checked.

  23. Hi, hmm your mom is going to have to wear an apron when she comes in. Blogger does act up a bit.

  24. Slobber is a sign of love!

    I bet that the "time" of the post is recorded as the time when you started preparing the post. When you are ready to put up a post, click on "post options" at the bottom of the window containing your post. Then, click on the "post date and time". You'll see that it defaults to the time when you first opened the window to prepare your post (which could be hours earlier so then your post doesn't look "new" to the internet software). I always change the time to the actual time that I'm publishing it.

    Feel free to email me if that doesn't seem clear. I had the same problem for a while, which is why I'm suggesting this fix!

  25. Slobbers the best greeting ever. Not sure about blogger, lots of people talk about blog problems but we have yet to have any.

    The silvers and more

  26. I have had my share of blogger's problem!!! I think KB is right with her answer!! Loved seeing you!!! Thanks for your visit!!! Zoie is up from 48 lbs when she came to 82 lbs now and she is a happy girl!!!!!!!

  27. Great job at greeting your mom!

    I'm sorry I can't help you with the Blogger problem, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  28. We've got lots of slobber to share here!

    Just wanted you to know we are heading out on another cross-country RV adventure, destination- Oregon Coast. We'll be gone a couple of months...please don't forget us!
    Kit and The Pups

  29. It is easy to grow plants---you just treat them like any other living thing you love!!!
    I think I will blog about strawberries and how to treat them!!!

  30. Well, My vickie is so good at blogging that she can't even guess at an idea to answer your questions, but we were glad you said something cause we missed your post on squirrels. So we went back and read it and my vote (sorry Tank) is that squirrels are cute cute cute and we want one to come and live in our walnut tree but I don't think it will ever dare cross the street cause of all my guests at the Country Club.

    So. + for squirrels and good luck ont he blogging.



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