Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Howdy from Lenny

Arghhhhh, sniff, sniff, boo hoo, nooooooooooooooooo, mum, please, noooooooooooooooooooooo.  Don't take down the Christmas tree yet, please, aww, sniff, sniff, booger bubbles, and sobs.

Hello mates, Lenny here.  Stella and Rory's sissy.  Yes this is what I have to put up.  Poor Rory can't stand the thought that Christmas is overSilly duffer doesn't realise it will happen all again at the end of this year.

Anyhoo just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the crunchy crickets you can eat.  Everybuddy is resting cause it is so hot.  I on the other hand, love the heat so thought I would say howdy. 


 Penny is in the bad books cause she peed on the lounge.  Lucky she waited till after Father Christmas had been.  Mum wasn't too happy but we forgave her.  She is 13 and starting to get old.  Butt, mum says she better not try that trick again.

 Just in case you forget, here's a photo of your usual bloggers.
They look pretty woeful don't they and they didn't even stay up till midnight New Years Eve!!

Mum got a new sign for the kitchen.  Now she says everybuddy has been warned!

On Saturday we have a surprise to share with everybuddy.  So, see ya then mates.  

No worries, and crickets, Lenny.



  1. Hey Lenny! I think I have forgotten what HOT feels like. Looking forward to see whats up on Saturday.

  2. I hate when the Christmas tree has to come down too. Oh well it will be back next year.


  3. Aw too cute all of you! Terrific family shots! Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Lenny. Hot, hot.... we are cold here, brrr!
    It always look bare when the tree comes down!
    Poor Penny, it's sad when our mates get old.
    Can't wait for the surprise on Saturday.
    Love Eileen and Annie x

  5. I'm so excited! How come I haven't met Lenny before? What kind of Iizard is he? Love lizards :D

    Unfortunately, a Christmas tree will be waiting for me to take down when we get home. GAH.

  6. Stella , Rory & Family Down Under
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year.
    We hope 2013 is a good one for you and the year is filled with joy and fun.
    Best wishes Molly Up Over

  7. Well, at least somebody is enjoying the heat. Momma spent three hours yesterday eradicating all signs of the holidays from our estate. Appaently, grandma and grandpa were very naughty about putting away the holiday stuff and would leave the tree up until it was so dry and brown it was quite depressing, so the sight of lingering decorations makes her very stressy. Hope you have a wonderful year.


  8. It is hot at the moment, isn't it Lenny. I'm glad you are enjoying it, it's definitely not Scottie weather!

  9. My mum is da same way when it comes to da end of Christmas...her gets all sad and weepy.
    Nows Lenny, I do not believes I has metted you befores but it is nice to finally meet you. I bet peanut butter on crickets would be good. You should tries it and lemme knows.


  10. Hi Lenny. You're a handsome lizard!
    What is the "plumet" on Stella's head? Bad hair day? Not yet awake?:-)

  11. Hi Lenny,
    Thanks for filling us in on the happenings at your house. We too took down our tree and were NOT pleased. Now we have to wait for Valentine's Day to decorate again.

    We hope you have a wonderful 2013!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. Hey Lenny!
    Wow, you are such a fun friend! I'm glad to get to see you. Looks like Stella and Rory are having a hard time now...maybe they could share your, no, probably not a good idea. BOL Gosh, I'd like to see more of you, and my crabby girls will be totally interested in your life!
    Happy 2013 to everyone!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Good Day Lenny Mate. So nice of you to wish us Crunchy Crickets.
    Sorry that Penny Peed on the furniture. That happens, at least the Peeps forgave and understood.
    NICE report about the comings and GOINGS (as in the Tree) of your world.
    NO WORRIES Lenny

  14. Nice to see everyone. Sorry to hear about the lounge - it happens as we all know. It's been around 0 degrees and today we'll reach a daytime high of 4 degrees C. Not exactly balmy but that's Vancouver. Hope it all cools off a bit. Sorry Lenny.

  15. We wish the tree could stay up for a whole lot longer too - not so much the ornies but the lights! They are so beautiful!
    We love your mum's new sign!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. Hello Lenny, hope you didn't overindulge in the crickets this Yule. Aww, poor S and R, cheer up, Mum says it feels like about a month from Christmas to Christmas (she is getting old, poor dear).
    Love the sign, extra hilarity!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  17. It sad to see the tree go away. Have a happy day
    Benny & Lily

  18. Sigh we have to put our tree away too

    Stop on by for a visit

  19. We like the sign! Maybe we can send you some cold air and you can send us some warm air and then we all can be happy!

    Stay Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. Of course mom related to the sign right off!!! I wonder what your surprize will be....
    stella rose

  21. It's freezing here, i got soaked on walkies today, please donate some of your hot airs to me, thanks! Love the sign! Mum needs one of those....
    Love Milo :)

  22. Bawahhahaha! Oh, I think I need that for my assistant! Her cooking is pretty hit or miss!

    Love your new header!

    Your pal, Pip

  23. I love your mum's new sign. We need one of those here too!

    You two look like you partied all night long!

  24. I gotta say, you two look pretty done in, in the last two pictures. I am sorry that you have to take the tree down but just think of the anticipation of waiting to put it up again next/this year.

    The post was really fun today.


  25. Hi Lenny, We got lots of crickets here, but we don't eat them BOL.......
    Sadly we took our Christmas stuff down also, dad says it was time. Poor Penny girl it happens. We look forward to Saturday's post.

    The silvers and more

  26. Hi Lenny, it IS hard to accept that the holidays are over. We had a tough time with dad going back to work today. Mum's sign is very funny and it seems like mischief has returned now that the pressies have been delivered.

    We love the story about your angel brother and using marshmallows to cure rat breath. We are still giggling over that one!

  27. *BOL* nice bed head Stella! Good to meet you Lenny - we weren't too thrilled about the Christmas tree coming down either and there are rumours that mom & dad are going back to work next week!

    Wally & Sammy

    PeeS: mom thinks Penny is arooootiful!

  28. Hi Lenny,
    Hey, what is going on with Stella's hair today...BOL.
    Is she trying to be PUNK?


  29. Well hello Lenny! Aren't you a handsome dude :D Yap, I was sad to see the Xmas tree go too Rory. Who made the rule it could only come once a year? Howl.

    Happy New Year to all of you! :D

    Waggin at ya,


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