Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rory goes to the Vet

Howdy Everybuddy

Yesterday mum had to take Rory to the Vet.  He had a couple of lumps and they were getting bigger.  Mum didn't say anything cause she thought she was worrying enough for all of Blogville.  The good news is that they are NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!  Yaahooooo.  Apparently they are fluid filled cysts and our dear Vet, Miss Anna, checked them out and drained them.  All gone, all good.  They might come back, they might not, BUTT the main thing is they don't make Rory sore or sick.

Hey Stellie, I want to tell the story too!  

Ok, little brother, you tell everybuddy how good you were and how proud of you mum was.  Well mates, I'm kinda proud of him too, and relieved, cause even though I like to boss the poor little bloke around, I do love him.

Well everybuddy, it was so exciting.  Mum and sissy took me, and only me, to the Vet, all by themselves.  Dad was at work and even though I am a good boy, mum still worries in case I see a doggie who yells HBO words at me cause then she thinks I might yell back at them and be a bum.  Well I can tell you, I was the perfect gentleman.  Mum said I was just fabo and kept telling me what a good little man I was.

We arrived on time but the poor reception lady had double booked our appointment.  She was real sorry but they have a new computer system just started and she was still getting used to it.  That is fine cause we just went for a little walk and mum made me do some obedience outside, up and down the street, and this helped me relax.

Here I am waiting to go into the Vet.  Their waiting room is small, so we waited outside so we didn't bother anyone else who might be surprised at my size.  

When we went in the first thing Miss Anna does is weigh me on a giant scale.  I step up on it easy peasy cause mum makes me walk along things at Dog School and now I know it's not scarey.  I had to sit and wait for the scale to tell us my weight.  Mum thought for sure I would be around 78 kgs (171 lbs) butt she was wrong.  Up came the figure of 84 kgs (185 lbs).  Mum nearly yelped cause I have put on 10 kgs in the last 8 months.  I'm not fat though.  I am tall and solid and the Vet said I was perfect.  I think I am too hehe.

Then we went into the examination room but sadly I did not get lifted up onto the table, sigh.  I just sniffed around and slobbered on Miss Anna while she examined my lumps.  No worries, she said (well she didn't actually say those words butt that is what she meant hehe).  I will get a sample from your bump and see what's going on.  My mum gave me an ear rub while Miss Anna got an injection and withdrew all this brownish fluid from me.  I didn't move a muscle and can't actually remember her doing anything.  Mum said I was A GOOD BOY!  After that mum and Miss Anna went blah blah, clean teeth, blah blah, eat more bones, blah, blah, blah for absolutely ages. 

Apparently my teeth have a little tartar so now I have to clean my teeth and eat more bones and chewy things butt I have to admit, I'm not much into chewing stuff.  I know it's weird, but mum says I'm just a bit too lazy.  Hehe, she's probably right!

Stella will chew for hours.

I chew for a few minutes!

Mum is this a cow's ear?  
OMD, mum, it's not one of our friends from the paddock is it?
I don't think I can eat anymore mum.

After we came home, mum was smiling and happy all day.  We love it cause you know that a happy mum makes a happy house.  Well mates, that's it for now.  Sorry to make you worry mum.  Stoopid bumps.  

Thanks for coming to the Vets with me sissy.

 Keep still Rory.  I'm just checking for more lumps.
Hehe, ahahaha,he, ha, ooo stop it Stellie, that tickles.

 I'm kinda sleepy now.

Shhhhh.  Don't wake up my little brother.  
He's tired out.  See ya all soon.  
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory





  1. So glad all is OK. You were very brave Rory. And to be prescribed bone. WOW! My vet has never done that.

  2. Great news, Rory!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  3. Good news from Down Under and that big boy Rory!

    We are happy for you,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. Whew - we don't like lump and bumps here either! Sooo glad yours are all good now Rory - and you were so good and brave at the V-E-T-S !!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  5. Bwahaahaa! The waiting room was too LITTLE for your LITTLE brother!

    We're so glad your bumps were nothing serious. We know how the humans panic. Hope you got some treats for being such a good boy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Aww Rory, you were such a good boy.
    Great news you are OK.
    It's official now, you are PERFECT :-)

  7. Oh Rory we are so relieved you are okay and there is nothing to worry about!
    Well done for being a good boy for your sissy.
    There is bound to be treats, love and getting your own way now, ha!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. Mom had a previous doggie that use to get those those king of bumps.....once you know what they are you don't worry so much. You did very good at the dogtors

  9. OMD Rory thank your lucky paws that it was nothing to worry about. Wow you were so good at the vets. I hate the place. Anyways we are so pleased for you pal. Our old vet suggest raw chicken wings for good teeth but peeps won't give me any as they'd probably end up in the bed. Sigh! Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Rory... Little.... BOL!!

    Glad they weren't anything to worry about!

  11. I'm so glad you are ok, YAY! And I'm deep impressed: 84 kg - wow! My vet has also only a small waiting room, once I was waiting there with 3 other peeps&pets as I felt an urgent necessity in my plumbing. The smell was godawful and we left the waiting room before we passed out. My dad turned back and said: sorry, was my wife.... wow, he must be happy that he is still alive, I thought mom would kill him :o)Since that date, we always waiting outside :o)

  12. Whew, we're so glad to hear the lumps are only cysts and nothing to worry about. (Muffin and I have them too, so you're not alone!) You were so good on your visit to the Vet's. We know how happy that makes your Mum. It's a good thing they didn't put you up on the exam table bcuz the Vet would need a ladder just to talk to you :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  13. Oh great news! We worry too, and are cranky until we get results back from the vet on anything!


  14. What pawsome news. You keep an eye on your brother Miss Stella & make sure you report any lumps & bumps to your mom.

    Happy snoooze-a-roo Rory - you deserve it.

    Wally & Sammy

  15. OH RORY.... We are THRILLED that the bumpies were NOTHING to Worry about. WHEW... butt you should have told us so we could have sent our support fur YOU and Stella and your MUM.
    WOW you were SUPER BRAVE and Very VERY much well behaved at the VET's place. WE are super PROUD of you.
    We think that Stella is a super sister to DOUBLE CHECK fur any other bumpies.
    NO WORRIES fur SURE buddy.

  16. Phew, glad it was nothing, going to the V.E.T.S can be a scary experience though.

    Yes, your perfect too Rory! Sampson has been having some weight issues lately, he has lost so much he is only 53kg...Mum says it might be vet time for him soon!


  17. Hari Om
    Oh Rory - those pesky cysts. Jade got some of those too. A nusiance, but glad you made the trip to the dog-doctor such fun! Boy - you're not only nearly taller than me, you're actually heavier. I just don't have the long lanky look...... And Stella - you were a great support to your brother. I am impressed with the new header where you look all sleek and glam! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty

  18. Sounds like you are just the perfect little doggie and take things in stride, ummm not like Mom hey. Glad it all worked out OK. Now about them bones and chewies, what do you mean you can't eat it all, Dog Up Rory!

    The Mad Scots

  19. Whew, so good to have that visit turn out so well. We hope those lumps don't come back, but we know they sometimes do. No worries, just drain them again:)

    Rory - you ARE one very big boy! But it is good that all your weight is good weight.

    Hope you all have a great week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Rory!
    I am happy to know you are ok!
    Those lumps always worry our moms, right?
    Glad everything is fine!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  21. We are so glad everything turned out A-OK!! We're just trying to get caught up on our bloggy pals before the next Phase of the Painting Project begins on Tuesday!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. Phew, glad everything turned out OK, lumps are worrying fings. Love your photo's and we will leave quietly as not to wake you :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  23. We're so happy to hear that those lumps weren't anything to worry about, Rory! You earned that snooze!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  24. So glad your lumps is nuttin. I has some like that too and the older you get the more you get. The V-E-T say my belleh be like the rolling hills of Pencilvania, BOL.

  25. So glad to hear that your lumps are gone, Rory!
    That is very good news!

  26. Thank goodness all is well. Mom was worrying for nothing
    Benny & Lily

  27. What a relief mate! So glad it was all good. You know you look like the biggest dog in the world (maybe you are?!) standing next to Stellie in your new header picture! Deccy x

  28. Oh Rory - so glad everything was all OK. Looks like you had lots of fun afterwards - enjoy your snooze. Woofs and licks from Magic xx

  29. Great pictures! And we are so glad to hear that the lumps were nothing serious!

    185 lbs! Wow, that's huge! But you know what our mom said? That just means there is more of you to love! BOL

  30. I'm glad to hear everything is OK! My, oh, my, you sure are one big boy!

  31. Hey big guy! We are so glad to hear that your bumps and lumps were nothing to worry about. Of course your Mom would be worried, that is just what Moms do. We worry. A whole lot.

  32. So glad you are ok! The bumbs are a dane thing (because we are bred to be GREAT!). My mom takes me to a regular vet and a holistic one...she said to put a cap full of apple cider vinegar in my water. Mom does it and it helps my "bumps". Also, I do not like to chew bones (plus moms worries)...but I got a gum ball that is fun to play with (careful Stella might make it hers!). Love the pics of you two playing together.

  33. Hi Rory and Stella, sorry we missed this post. My dad gets busy with his work and stuff and forgets to log in to see the really important stuff. Well lumps are nothing new to me. I have a few but our vet said that they're "fatty deposits" and that we'll just keep an eye on them. My brother Owen had a lumpy removed last summer. It was a low grade C and it's not expected to come back but we check often just in case. Thanks for coming by my bloogie.

  34. White Dog howls of happiness that the bumps are nothing to worry about. We bet your mum was beside herself with fear (ours would have been). You were VERY brave and Stella is right to be so proud of you.

  35. We're sorry to learn you had bumps but are most relieved they were easily treated and you are enjoying the best of health, cher ami. We're not at all surprised at your weight, and being as you're still a growing boy, we expect you to top 200 lbs. by the time you're fully grown in another year :) We'd be more curious to see you standing next to a measuring stick that gave your shoulder height: we're guessing you're 36 - 38 inches at the shoulder, easy.

    Wish we could be there for Stella's upcoming birthday! Can't wait to see the pictures of her party.

  36. HI Rory
    Where very glad to hear that your lumps where nothing to worry about and are glad the vet human was able to get rid of them for you. From Milo & Jet

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