Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yaahooo - Footy is Back and Visitors

Howdy Everybuddy, yes it's that time of year again.  Footy season has started.  Yay!!  Better have a good feed before we go.  

Hey Dad, I could do with a little more.

Here's the Best Team in the AFL competition.
Go you Crows!

Here's the best team in the South Australian competition.
Go you Redlegs! 

Our brother James has a trial game today.  His team is Black and Gold and they are the Tigers.  They usually play one or two games before the season commences to get some match practice.  We might be going to watch.  Rory hasn't been to a footy game before.
Go you Tigers. 

We have had a few unexpected visitors lately. Usually mum loves visitors but she seemed a little stressed when this lot turned up. Penny said she could help out.  Can you guess who?  Mum's new pyjamas are a hint.

Obviously Penny had something to do with this.

Hehehe.  Cats Rule!

We know why Penny has been the flavour of the month.  We have had mice coming inside.  Every year around Easter, probably cause of the colder weather, the little mice think they can live inside. 

Now we think they are kinda cute to look at but when they make Mum have to clean out the WHOLE pantry cause she finds mouse poo in there, ewwwww, well that's it.  Little mice, you are fine outside but if you come inside, beware!  Mum goes crazy.

Sorry fellas, party is over!

On a serious note, 
we would like to extend our sincere sympathy to all at the Quirky Quartet (formerly Trubblesome Trio) on dear little Ronnii passing to the Rainbow Bridge.  Run free little girl.

Love the ones you're with
Love Stella and Rory