Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Friday, January 24, 2014

I am Thrilling.

Howdy Mates.

I am thrilled.  

My vet visit Wednesday was a great (dane) success.  The lovely Ms Kristen said she was THRILLED with me!  Her words exactly!  THRILLED, THRILLED, THRILLED!  I am walking very well and my new boot will help my sore pad and nail recover.  Mum said with all the fussing I received there my head was so swollen I could hardly fit through the door on the way out.  I don't know what the heck she's talking about.  Just cause everybuddy told me I was wonderful, pet me and smooched me, well, heck, that's normal isn't it?

I am still a little stiff legged on my dodgy back left leg, but hey, it just adds character right?  Dad says the girls will love my dodgy leg and that I can say I hurt it when I worked on the farm rounding up cattle.  Mum says not to be ridiculous.  Everyone knows I look more like a sheep dog than a cattle dog.

So there you have it mates.  Thanks to all your get well wishes I am a walkin' dude again.  

Now to my sissy and her haircut.  She was, well, pathetic.  Shakin' and shivering and that was before they even started.  Anyhoo, she survived and came home looking very swish.  Some may say, kinda plump, but that would be cruel and unkind.  No no, I would never say that about my sissy.  She HAD to eat those extra treats to help me with rehab.  She didn't want to but did out of the goodness of her heart.  So I say, Stella, thanks sissy for your support.  We can wobble our way together when we go for a walk.


Ya know mates, when I'm not around my sissy frets.  She's a bossy little bird at times but I know she loves me really.  Mum says it's time we get back to our hum drum lives.  Just the way we like it!

Have a great weekend mates.  Take care and see ya all soon.  
No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Off to the Hairdresser and Vet

Howdy Everybuddy

We've got a busy day planned.  I am off to the Beauty Parlour.  I know, I know.  I can hear you say, but why Stella?  I don't know either.  Mum says my matted, smelly hair is NOT attractive.  Well, that's her opinion.  If she's too lazy too busy to brush me, well that's her problem.  Butt, the more I think of it, I have to agree with mum.  Short hair will be sooo much cooler especially with the heat we've been having.  Did you know Thursday last week, Adelaide was predicted to be the hottest city in the world?  Yep, the prediction was for 46C (115F) but we actually only reached 44C (111F).  We had five days of over 40C and let me tell ya mates, it was darn hot.

 My before hairdresser photo.

Also today Rory is going back to the Vet for a final check up.  He was supposed to go last week butt the weather was toooo hot.  He is still wobbly and wonky but can get up to the letterbox in record time when he hears the Postman.  Mum is always yelling (and yes, she sounds like an old wharfie, hehe) when he does this cause he stumbles and bumps and sometimes drags his foot along but boy oh boy, he does enjoy a good woof at that poor Postman.

 Check out the spoiled brat sitting on the lounge.

Mum's main concern is Rory's foot.  He has one sore on his toe pad and a extremely shortened nail due to dragging that will not heal.  We are waiting for a special shoe/boot thingy to arrive in the mail that will protect his foot more.  Mum has been bandaging and stuffs but the little buggar always manages to get it off. 

Anyhoo, we're going along just fine.  Here's a photo of our family room and the lovely coloured mat (gag), and all the towels mum has spread around to catch the blood spots from going on the carpet.  Once Rory's foot has healed we're getting new flooring, thank dog.   



Here's my two little brothers.
Ya can tell they're related cause they are both tall.

 Oh, and we had a little visitor the other day.  This is Nancy the goat from across the paddock.  She came by to say howdy and we said howdy back in a really loud way hehehe. 

See ya soon mates.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time Warp

Howdy mates, we heard there is a Time Warp happening on Tuesday (sorry it's Wednesday here but hey, what the heck) and we thought we would share some photos.

 When we could share the same bed!

Seems a bit warm and smelly nowadays hehe.

Take care mates.  
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking Dapper - Get well wishes from Dexter and Angel Uncle Mango

Howdy Everybuddy

Guess what mates.  Today I received a parcel.  No one else.  Just me.  It was the best day ever!  It was from Dexter and Angel Uncle Mango and their Momma.  Wowza and yaahoo.  There was a card inside the parcel and this is what it said:

Now while I have been going through rehab, I have to admit, I let myself go a bit.  I couldn't be bothered licking myself too much (except my sores on my foot hehehe, but don't tell mum) and I was feeling pretty dull and ordinary.   Then yesterday mum said, "Rory, you need a make-over mate".  She got out some baby wipes with aloe vera and wiped me all over.  Let me tell you, I smelled amazing and looked shiny again.  So today, there I am sitting looking clean and smelling great and lo and behold, Mr Postman delivered my parcel and what is inside ......... a Bandana just for me.

It is two sided, so each day I can change it and feel, well, in the words of Dexter, dapper (neat and trim in dress and appearance)!  I've never felt dapper before but let me tell you, I like it.  I can imagine walking down our road wearing my new bandana and having people call out "Oh howdy Rory, my oh my, you're looking dapper today mate".  Tonight when I go for my walk (or should I say, constitutional) around the oval I'm going to wear my bandana and think dapper thoughts (are there such things??).  I don't care.  I am Rory, the dapper, wobbly walkin' dude!  

So thank you so very much Dexter, Angel Uncle Mango and Mango Momma.  This has made my day.  Actually, this has lifted mum too cause she's been a bit coo coo lately.  She's always smooching me and telling me how much she adores me and how I'm the best thing ever and then the other day I heard her telling Stella the same thing?  Coo coo for sure.

Here's a photo of me and my bandana.  
Totally Dapper?  Oh yeah!

(Dont worry about my sore foot.  Mum was letting it "air out" a bit).

NO worries, and slobber,
Rory and Stella


Friday, January 10, 2014

All normal here mates!

Howdy Everybuddy, well things are getting back to normal at our place.  Rory has started walking unaided, still wobbly and sometimes his leg gives out and he suddenly sits down but all in all he's fabaroony.

Our home has mats everywhere cause Rory sometimes slips on the lino, butt mum has found this non slip stuff and we've put that on the floor for now.

See Rory, ya can't slip here.

Nope, even on three legs, still not slipping.

This nursing job has taken it out of me.

 Ahhhh, peace and quiet.  
Stay there flat toy, I'm gonna chew you later.

Hurray, I can get into the lounge room now.  
Hey, what's going on outside.  
Hey S T E L L A..... come and see this.

(Mum sighs in the background. They love the sound of their own voices!)

See ya mates
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (wobbly walkin' dude)



Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rory's Walking Videos

Howdy Everybuddy, I wanted to show you how I have been. These videos were taken this morning at our local oval.  It is 19 days since my embolism.

This first video shows me walking with Dad with slight support.  I was helped to a standing position to start walking.

This next video is me walking alone and my very first attempt to scratch my ear with my dodgy left rear leg.  Mum says even though it looks unco-ordinated, it is just like I used be.  

This last video shows me trying to get up but my dodgy leg just gets in the way and I slide along.  Pfffft.  Stoopid leg.  Don't worry mates, it doesn't hurt me when I slide along.  After this video mum and dad made me sit and we practiced a few more times and I was successful in getting up on some attempts.   This is the thing we need to practice the most. We don't know why this video is a bit blurry.

This afternoon I walked around outside ON MY OWN for a minute or so but mum keeps telling me to be careful and go slow butt I want to walk fast.  Mum is sooooo excited.  

I feel sorry for her cause her arms will go all saggy baggy again, poor old girl.  

To all the mums and dads in Blogville, can you PLEASE give all my mates a SPECIAL TREAT because their support has helped get me back up on my own four feet.  I still have a way to go butt we are getting there.  Yaahooooooo!

No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stellie (proud big sissy)

This special girl has been an absolute darling during Rory's rehab.  We love her to bits!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Rory Update

Howdy Mates.  Friday morning here.  Our daughter was leaving after her birthday celebrations last night and we were saying goodbye at the front door.  Heard a strange bark from Rory and came back inside to see him STANDING UP in the middle of the family room!!! This morning he stood again.  This is such an amazing thing as he has not been able to get himself upright since his trauma.  

His walking has improved (still with help of the sling) and left back leg is strengthening.  The left back foot is still turning under at times when he walks, so we continue to flip it back to its normal position especially when he stands to drink and eat. 
We're going to get there mates.  

This sweet girl misses playing bitey face.

Even through Rory's rehab , he still makes us laugh.
Check out his flagpole tail!  Sorry Rory, hehe.
(and yes he has movement in his tail, it still wags for us).

Take care all.  No worries, and love, Carol 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year mates.  We heard rumours and heard some stories of the fabulous, comical, musical and fun night you have all enjoyed.  Some, probably enjoyed a little too much hehe.

We just wanted to say hi and welcome to the new year.  We're looking forward to another year of friendship and fun.  

We spent some time out in our front yard this morning.  It was cloudy but warm and we're expecting some rain later to cool things down.

Yep, you two are working ok.

Hey back legs, what the heck are you doing?

That's better.  All lined up where they should be.

Oh oh, Stellie, first day of the new year
 and mum's at it again with the photos. 

 See I can sit up on my own now!


See ya soon and for some reason mum thought this was a good one.

No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella