Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Friday, January 29, 2016

Stella and Evie

Howdy Mates.  It's Carol here today to fill you in on what's happening in our part of the world.

As you know, we became grandparents to the beautiful Evie on 21st December 2015.  She has melted our hearts and the whole family is besotted with her.  Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and has to wear a brace around her legs which connects with a metal bar which runs behind her back/hips to keep her legs at an angle to correct the problem.  Also she has had both feet plastered to correct their positioning.  Poor little bub has been unsettled but is doing ok.  Hopefully if all goes well she will have this removed in eight weeks.

 (Can we ask dear friends not to share this photo, thanks).

Also Stella has suffered bladder stones and had surgery Wednesday but is recovering very well.  She is wearing the cone of shame but being the cheeky rascal she is, it hasn't stopped her eating and bossing Rory around.
 Here she is with Tyler.

Rory wonders why he has gone grey and Stella hasn't hehe.

We've had more exciting news as well.  Our son and his fiance are expecting their first baby in early August and are getting married in March this year so we are all over the moon about their news.  

So mates, we will continue to visit when we can, we may not post, but we will visit and say howdy.  Rory is going along pretty well.  Wonky and fabulous, that's him.   I can't believe they will both be five this year.  Where has the time gone since they were pups.  

As we always say, 
No worries, and LOVE, Carol, Stella and Rory