Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas and our New Baby

Howdy Mates.

Well, life has changed around our place.  Our Sissy had her baby on Monday 21 December and boy oh boy are we are all thrilled.  Now that's an understatement cause mum has gone coo coo in the head.  Now I know many of you think that's not possible cause she's coo coo already but yep, she is even more so, haha.

 A darling GIRL and her name is Evie Mavis (second name after our dear sweet angel Nana, Mum's mum).  Mum cried so much after hearing the news, that I, Stella, ran around the room and rushed outside and didn't come back till she gave me a treat!  My little brother Rory, had to head butt her TWICE in the head to try and knock some sense into her and that's no lie either.

Here is Evie (rhymes with Stevie hehe).  

 We are all in love.

So from our family to yours, we want to wish you all a
Merry Christmas and a 
New Year filled with peace and love.

Mum has been, how shall we say, lazy slow to blog the last few months, but we want you to know we love you and think of you all even when we are absent. 

No worries, and LOVE,
Stella and more slobbery LOVE, Rory