Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mum and Dad's Dogless holiday (with scenics), yawn!

Howdy Mates, at last mum decided to post her holiday photos.  Get a cuppa cause there are a million of them.  Well, lots anyhoo.  Mum and Dad drove 1500 kms from Adelaide, South Australia to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and back home.  They had a great time without us, sob sob.  Their first night was in Portland Victoria.  In the morning they went on a two hour walk in Cape Bridgewater to see a seal colony but alas, that day they did not see one seal.  Mum says that's ok cause the walk was magnificent.  In the photo below they walked along the cliff tops, up and down and around the bend on a specific trail.  There were warning signs all along the way to "stay on the path" and you can bet your life they did cause it was a loooong drop down to the ocean!

The whole track they walked along is maintained by volunteers.

They travelled further on next day and stopped regularly at viewing points to see some of Australia's amazing coastline.  They made sure they followed the rules!

A photo of my sweet self to kill the boredom hehehe.

If you look closely, the white specks on this little island are birds.  What a safe place they have to breed.

Sorry these signs are so hard to read.

One of the stops they made was to view London Bridge.  In case you can't read below this is what it says.  Mum was amazed she can't remember seeing this in the newspaper at the time.
"On the morning of 15 January 1990, the main arch connecting London Bridge to the mainland cracked and fell into the sea.  Fortunately no one was injured.  Two people marooned on the new island were rescued hours later by helicopter".   Holy Crxp.  Mum says if it were her she would have FREAKED OUT!! 

This formation was called The Arch.

While this small bay looks peaceful, the coast beyond was not.  This part of Australia's coatline is called Shipwreck Coast. Only two people, Tom and Eva, survived the sinking of Loch Ard.
Tom managed to get to this bay and later heard cries for help and swam out and rescued Eva.  Next morning he went for help (how he climbed up these cliffs mum does not know) and found help from two stockmen.  

View from above the bay. 

Mum has a new phone and tries out a "selfie" hehehe.

The Twelve Apostles. This is a major attraction along this coastline. Actually now there are only 4 and a couple of bits as they have all been eroded away.

Check out the people along the top of this lookout.
Mum and Dad were actually brave enough to walk out and have a look.  They are total sooks, sheesh.

When they walk back and look backwards, they see quite a big landslide at the bottom of where they were viewing and taking photos.  Argghhhhhhhh.  Sorry we can't make the photos bigger but the people along the top are the little specks you can just see!

Port Campbell, Victoria.

Travelling onwards, a duck flew in front of their car for about 500 metres at 60 km/hour, about two feet above the road.  Mum said it was amazing.  Can you see it in the middle of the left lane, just before the green road sign?

They saw wind farms too.  Mum was amazed at their size.

Robe, Sth Australia

Mum says, on holidays, there is no flippin way 
she is going to cook!


Shall we lock Dad up?

Just to finish off, The Big Lobster, in Kingston, 
in the SE of Sth Australia.

Are you still awake mates?   Thanks for joining us.

 After mum got home, there was no way, no flippin way,  I was letting her get past me again!
(From mum.  I found this photo on my camera a few days after we had arrived home.  Take by my daughter.  I'd fallen asleep on the lounge and I think Rory had missed me!)  

See ya mates.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory