Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Am Rory, hear me roar (sort of, hehe)

Howdy Mates, every Monday night, our local Fire Station checks their fire siren with a 30 second siren sound.  Each week, without fail, Rory joins in.  This is better if you can bigify it and turn up your sound.


  He's such a doofer.

Hope your week has been good so far.
No worries, and love, Carol

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dry your eyes Rory, I'm Back!

Howdy Mates, my sissy's gone and I can't find her.  Mum says she is having a pampering day.  I said what the heck for?

Muuuuuuum, what're you reading?
Can you read me a story too?   Muuuuuuuuum, can ya, please.

I'm so bored I have to lick the dusty table.  Sigh.

Is it time yet?

Four hours later..............
Muuuuuuuuuuuuum, I want my Stellie back.

Howdy Rory, I'm back and raring to go.  I've had an absolutely fabo time and I'll tell you all about it.  Ok Stellie, wait for me.

It all started with the warm weather, dry grasses and heaps and heaps of prickles.  When I go walking and am allowed off lead, I always come home with nasty prickles.  Some are really thorny and very hard to pull out so mum always cuts them out.  Sometimes she has cut off/pulled out 50 - 100 in one go.  A total pain in the butt!

I usually look like this.  You can't tell by looking but my ears had quite a few "dreddies" and even though mum brushed me they just seem to appear.  Mind you she doesn't brush me every single day cause she is too lazy such a busy mum.

You can see how fluffy my feet and legs are and 
under my belly is the same. 

Well mates, here I am with my short furs.  It feels so cool and I feel lighter.  I feel quite wonderful actually.

Good to have ya back Sissy.  Good to be back Rory.  Hey, you didn't get any treats while I was gone did ya? 

I can smell them you little buggar.
What was it, biscuit, fritz, cheese?  
Just smile for the camera Stellie, hehehe.

See ya mates.
No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Someone is missing.

Sigh, how come it's so quiet around here?

 Sniff, sniff.

No worries, and slobber, Rory

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Beach and the Monster

Hi Everyone, first off an apology for not visiting anyone for a while.  We had a few days away and now I've come down with some type of coldy/flu type thing.  Sheesh! 

Howdy Everybuddy, now that mum has stopped whining talking, we want to tell you about our beach holiday!

We have NEVER been to the beach before!  Can you believe it?  Nearly two years old and mum and dad have been too lazy too busy to take us.  Anyhoo that has been changed now cause we stayed at a beach house and dogs were allowed!!  Yes, that meant we stayed and played at the beach.  

Our cousin Jinx was there too and after we came home Tyler and our other sissy went as well!  

There was only one problem at the beach house.  Rory thought there was a monster on the ceiling.  He was really really scared of itMum took a photo cause she knew you would never believe we had a monster in the house.

 Yes, that's right mates.  A ceiling fan!  Didn't matter what we did or where we put Rory's bed, he would not walk under this terrible monster.


I couldn't help it furriends, I was really really scared.  I don't know why but it made me very nervous.  We don't have those monsters in our house.  Even my sister was scared.  See.


 Anyhoo, it was only a short walk to the beach and we had a blast.  Here are a few of the 8700 photos that mum took.  We were allowed off lead too, yaahooo! 

 Awww, mum, do you have to show this photo!  Yes sweetheart I do.  Between the four dogs they managed to poo every single time we took them to the beach!!  And yes, we picked up every one. The beach has bins and supplies poo bags at all entrances.  

 No, i'm not pooing here.  For some reason I was going to sit but then changed my mind cause the water tickled my bottom hehe.

Hey, Rory, have you tried drinking the water yet?

 Awww, Jinx, you trickster, it's salty!!

One of mum's favourite photos.  It's our new header photo.  Can you see that none of us has our feet on the ground!!! 

 Can you see me running towards a lady in a blue jacket in this photo.  I thought it was mum and ran up to her.  The lady gave me a pat and then when I turned around and saw my mum I legged it as fast as I could back to her.  I didn't want to get lost, no way!

 Here is me, chasing some seagulls.  Sadly I didn't catch any, they were fast little rascals.

For an old girl, Jinx sure can run!

 Mum said it was OK to wee in the water.  Yes, I know, I know, I wee like a girlie.

Time to go home and have a rest.  Dad as usual, has to make Rory jump over the fence.  Our Dad is a cracker at times hehe.

Here is a jet ski the Surf Lifesavers use if anybuddy gets in trouble in the water.  Mum nearly drowned us during this photo!!  A big wave came and nearly washed the jet ski into us!   I am wondering what the heck has happened to mum's hair ahahahaha.

We think because Jinx was a farm girl, she hasn't had much time on a lead.  She's a puller and likes to be first, hehe.

Well, that's all for now mates. 
We loved the beach.  It was heaps good.
 See ya soon.  
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory