Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rory has a little operation.

Howdy Mates.  Yesterday my little brother had an operation.  I wondered what the heck was going on when mum forgot our breakfast.  I ran to the cupboard, ran to the bowl, over and over but to no avail.  No food.  No water either.  Rory didn't even seem to notice!

Anyhoo, around 8.30 am, mum takes Rory, heaves him into the back of dad's car (which he left home especially for this) and off they go.  Well mates, I gotta tell ya, I went cracker.  I'm never home alone.  I don't like it.  What if they don't ever come back????
Thank dawg, my sissy who has Tyler, brought him over to keep me company.  Cool.  

Mum does come back but without Rory.  I again had to go cracker.  What was she thinking???  Leaving my little brother at the Vet????
I grilled her big time.   What were those Vets doing?
When was he coming home?  
Was he getting treats there while I'm home starving to death?  Well yes, mum did give me breakfast when she got home but that's not the point.

Anyhoo, my brother had a big sleep there.  While he was sleeping (hey, that would be a good name for a movie, hehehe), they removed a big lump from his foot.  Turns out it was a massive skin flap sort of thingy, probably caused by trauma to his foot from his wonky walking.  Not a bad lump though, thank dawg.  

He also had a pedicure cause his nails were pretty darn long and a teeth clean, which were all good.

About 4.00 pm mum brings the poor little man home.  He was still a bit woozy and they had to help him in with a towel under his belly, just like the old days.  He was very sad and couldn't do a thing for himself.  He snoozed for a few hours on his bed.
We managed to get a little food into him, he did his business outside (PHEW) had a little drink, and slept through the night.
This morning he is feeling better, can walk unaided again and had his tablets, no worries.

 Yay, I'm glad my little brother's home.

Mum, I told Rory he can sit on the lounge while he watches TV ok?

 Yep, life is as it should be. 

 We love ya big fella.

Well that's all folks.  Oh yeah.  One more thing.
Dad borrowed our brother's car yesterday so mum could have his.
Yep, that's the day he hits a kangaroo on the way to work.
Luckily Dad is fine, but sadly the Roo died.
The car, well, that will cost a few dollars, but hey, that's life.
Enjoy every day mates.  
We love you all to bits and pieces.
No worries, and LOVE, 
Stella and Rory

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We See Beautiful.

Howdy Mates.  I was having a nice quiet morning home with mum.  Everybuddy else was either at work or Uni so it was just us dogs and mum.  Tyler and Jinx were staying while their mums worked.  All good.  See below, all relaxed and enjoying our wonderful Spring weather.  

Tyler always likes to relax outside.

Rory loves his pillow, always near mum.

Jinx, always on the lookout for our sissy Penny.

Tyler and I, sitting next to mum.

All four of us relaxing.

 Me, looking gorgeous hehe.

Hey, stop sniffing my bum.

It's just me you nutters. Sheesh.

More exciting news for us too.  
Drum roll, please.
  Here's mum and sissy.  
Yep, she's having a baby in December. 
We see beautiful mates.
We really do.

Take care everybuddy.
No worries, and LOVE, Stella, Rory, Tyler, and Jinx