Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cooee from Stella and Rory

Howdy Mates.  Yep, it is I, Stella.  The one with the laziest mum in the whole wide world.  Well, actually, she's only a bit lazy.  She has been busy.  Our Evie has taken up quite a bit of our time.  You remember she had the hip brace and plaster boots on.  Well the brace is off, yaahooooo and she only wears her boots at night (new splints which can be taken off and on).  She goes back in May for a final X Ray to check her hips and hopefully that's that.  

We have also been worried about our little Evie's weight.  She is a tiny little squirt.  Really slow in gaining weight so off to the Drs she goes and has to be weighed every week.  Then off to the Paediatrician for another check with him.  After four months she is finally getting fatter.  Mum says all us kids were fatty boom bahs so we weren't used to little petite girls.  Anyhoo, she is fine, healthy, starting to be very vocal, smiling, rolling over and keeping us enchanted.  

Our little Evie at our hu-brother's wedding.

Our brother was married on 26 March.  It was wonderful.  Well we were told it was cause we had to stay home, but there was too many people for us to attend. 

 Here's mum and Paul.  
Who knows why, but she nearly cried quite a few times during the afternoon and night.  
What a sooky la la she is, sheesh. 

Paul and Seri.  
Just married and just beautiful. 

So mates, that's it for now.  We love ya heaps.  
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory