Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Mates

Howdy Mates, Happy Easter to you all.  We hope everyone has a safe weekend and spends time with loved ones.

Here's a couple of photos for your amusement!

Yes, I do still fit in my doghouse.

Mum trying to get a photo, and Dad started singing in the lounge room.  Well, he calls it singing anyway hehehe.

Is the Easter Bunny down there Stella?

Nope, I haven't seen the Easter Bunny.

Sissy.  Is the Easter Bunny at your house?


I'm still looking.

Looks like we'll just have to wait a little longer.

No mum, I do not know where the rest of the plastic toy is.  Honestly.

Hey, my nose feels longer!

This is our angel sissy Kara and our hu-sissy Tessa.
Mum loves this photo because it looks like they are sharing a joke.  It brings back some wonderful memories.

See ya soon mates.
No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella


Saturday, March 23, 2013

There's always next week and a question from Mum

 Howdy Mates, it wasn't our turn to win (sniff, sniff)

Stella told me to dry my eyes, it's the start of the season and we have 22 more games to go before the finals.   
We love ya Adelaide Crows!  Yaahoooooo!

No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

P.S.   Can I ask everyone for their thoughts.  Now that we have been blogging for quite a while and have made so many new friends, I feel constantly behind in commenting on blogs.  How does everyone else keep up with the daily news?  Thanks for your thoughts.  No worries, and love, Carol

Friday, March 22, 2013

It's starting........... Yaahooooo

Sorry mates, we can't stay long.
Our favourite team, the Adelaide Crows
are playing the first game of the season in about
five minutes.  Yaahooooo!  
Go you Crows.  
Good luck this season mates.
We're barracking for ya!!

Here is one of our favourite players, Rory Sloane in 2012.

No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthdays, presents and meet the neighbours.

Howdy Mates, we've had a couple of birthdays lately.  First off our big, little brother (he's 6 ft 4 in) turned 17.  He is the baby of the family.   We had Mango upside down cake (a sweet reminder of our Relentlessly Huge Uncle Mango).  My sissy makes the family birthday cakes.

Next it was Dad's turn.  Another year closer to retirement.  Yaahooo!  Looks like Dad's thinking, "How come the Fire Siren at the station is going off at this time of day?"  Hehehehe.  This time we had Chocolate and Strawberry layer cake.

A few days ago our neighbours, the cows, came back for a visit.  We see them every few weeks for a couple of days each time.  We love them and sometimes they let us sniff them through the fence!  I think they wonder if I am one of their babies hehe.

This morning mum gave us a chewy stick.  I wonder why I always get the smallest one.

You get the smallest sticks you big clown because every time I give you a large chewy bone you don't eat it, just stress out about where you can hide it!!

Stella eats hers really fast.

And last, but not least, mum had a wonderful surprise the other day.  We had posted about The Humble Handkerchief 
and our friends Stella Rose and Maggie's mum liked it and sent mum a handkerchief.  She was so happy.  She says it is not for any kind of snotty business.  Instead she will spray it with her favourite perfume and keep it in her handbag so everything will smell wonderful.  We just hope she doesn't use it to spit and wipe (see the Humble Handkerchief for this horrid habit)

Note the beautiful lace around the edge and the crisp, straight line from ironing.  Whatever the heck ironing is hehehe.
Thanks Stella Rose, Maggie and your Mum!!

Last off, one of mum's photos from our walks along the Summer Track.  This poor old Gum Tree (or Eucalyptus Tree) has passed to the Rainbow Bridge for all our family and friends to leave peemail on.  Mum thinks it is still beautiful.

See you all soon.
No worries, and slobber, Rory
and love, Stella

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thanks Pip and Puddles

Howdy Everybuddy,


We want to send our thanks and love to Mr Pip and Miss Puddles for giving us smiles and laughs aplenty these last few weeks and for the happiness we receive when we visit them in Blogville.

Mr Pip our new King of Cheeseburgers 

and Miss Puddles, Queen of Merriment and Mayhem.  

You two are an inspiration to us.  
We're just waiting for mum to let us try a beer hehehe. 
Muuuuuuuum, we're still waiting!

No worries mates.  
From our pack to both of you
 and everybuddy in your families.

 No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella
Tyler and Jinx

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mum's lost the plot!

A new cat treat container.  For dog treats!

A new dog bowl, yay!!

What The Heck?

A dog bowl for the cat?

Mum's gone troppo from the heat.

 It's ok mum, just relax.

 Don't worry mates, we're expecting a cool change today after nearly two weeks of hot, hot weather.  She'll be right.  Mum'll be moaning about the cold weather soon!

Happy Wednesday to ya! 
NO worries, and love,
Stella and Rory

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Humble Handkerchief

Howdy Mates, things have been pretty quiet around here and that's just how mum likes it.  We've been going to Dog School and everything is going grreat there.  I, of course, have been a turd fabulous and Rory is, as usual, a big doofer his steady clownish self. 

We walk along the summer track nearly every day when it's not too hot. 

There's is just one small thing that I have to get off my chest.  Does anyone out there still use handkerchiefs???  Mum says when she was a little girl back in the olden days, everyone used handkerchiefs.  They were washable and our angel Nana even ironed them (although we had to look up what that word meant cause mum doesn't iron anything!).  

Yes, mum says, they were handy until tissues came into existence.  She says, thank dog tissues were invented, cause she had a terrible trauma with the ordinary, everyday handkerchief.  

When our mum was 15, Nana had to go to hospital and have an operation and was there for 10 days.  It was the first time Nana had not been at home and mum and Poppa missed her something terrible.  Poppa loved his handkerchiefs with a passion and right up till he passed away he always had one on him.  

Well that's ok for Poppa but mum realised all those years ago, with Nana in hospital, that she and only she, had the job of washing those scrunched up, bundles of snot!  Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

So, as you can imagine, when tissues arrived she greeted them with open arms (or a snotty nose) which ever came first.  So I come to my dilemma.  Rory has taken it upon himself to clean my face for me.  With his tongue!  

Mum says she used the technique of spitting on a tissue (and our angel Nana used to spit on a handkerchief to do the same thing) and wipe my sisters and brothers faces when they were dirty, if they were out anywhere.  This is the woman who was traumatised by a snotty handkerchief.  What the heck kind of trauma have my sisters and brothers been through with this little activity?  Sheesh.  

I don't have the choice of using a handkerchief.  They don't exist in our house.

Ewwwww, someone please get a tissue!


Well mates, my face is clean now.  I think I would actually rather have mum spit on a tissue and wipe my face than Rory's great slobbery tongue washing me.  Let me know, do handkerchiefs still exist in your home and who has the wonderful task of washing them?   Enjoy your week everybuddy.

No worries, and love, Stella and Rory