Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Monday, May 28, 2012

HBO Words, Gasp!

Howdy Everybuddy, aren't the weeks flying by, well for us they are.  We're nearly half way through our local footy season. James has won some games and lost some, so not too bad so far.   I consider myself a sporty type of guy too.  Only trouble is, sometimes I can't find my ball.

Our cold weather makes me want to snuggle with my teddy,

or my sissy.

Stellie got caught pretending to be a 'bride'.  Anyone who took her on would soon know who wears the pants in the household.  

Oh, and on another matter.  Quite trivial really.  Hardly worth mentioning actually.  There we were, walking along, quite peacefully, having fun, you know, me and mum, mum and me.  Next thing you know.  BAM!  Mums on the ground.  Hands and knees.  Didn't even see it coming.  Well neither did I, but I had to respond didn't I?  I made mum fall over!  Sorry mum, it wasn't my fault really.  It was those blasted dogs behind the fence,  yelling HBO words at me.  Well, a boy has to do what a boy has to do.  Right?  Er, as I found out, Wrong!

I heard more HBO words and thought, yay mum you tell those little ratbags.  WTF!   She was yelling them at ME!  Oh the shame, the embarrassment.  She made me walk past the name calling, fence snarling, little basxxxxs.  Then she made me sit near them!!  Then she made me walk past again, then sit some more. She even GROWLED AT ME! 

Sorry Mum. You know I love ya, don't ya?
 Mum says I am a work in progress.  Whatever, I don't care what she calls me, as long as she calls me her little man.  We are going really well at dog school and I don't have any problems with the other dogs there.  I just didn't like the rude ones behind the fence.  Mum says, I just have to learn to ignore them.  I will try my best!  Now can we please not mention it again Mum?  Please?  Ok thanks.  Phew.  By the way, no photo of mum's sore knee.  Her legs are way too hairy to even consider it hehe.

 Tyler is spending a few nights with us.  His mum is away in Darwin and my other sissy is working the dreaded night shift at the hospital.

I know it's a dangerous end to sleep at, but hey, its been cold, and I'll take any kind of hot air I can (eeuuuww, hehehe).

Anyhoo mates, see ya soon.  Enjoy your nice weather.  Ours has been pretty yuck lately, but its Autumn, nearly Winter so what else can we expect aye?
 No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella


Friday, May 25, 2012

We love ya Mr Frankie


Howdy Everybuddy, 
Today our family joins in with our Blogville friends
 in announcing to the world,
we love Mr Frankie and Little Ernie.  
When we first joined Blogville, 
Mr Frankie made us feel welcome.
Even though we are from far away, 
he made us feel right at home.
He's always there for everybuddy.
He has made us laugh about 87,000 times.
He can be serious if he has to butt we know, 
inside that tough exterior, is a heart of 87 ct gold.  
So to our dear Mr Frankie, Little Ernie 
and their special Mum and Dad too,
we say,





Howdy Everybuddy, blimey charley, it was blxxdy cold here today.  Our temperature during the day got as low as 2.9C (37F) and we were shivering cause we had to be outside because mum was working at home caring for the little peeps. 

Anyhoo, when we came inside she had a surprise for us.  Ta da!  New jackets.  Mum says I look extremely handsome, Dad said we would get even more 'horse' comments!  Stellie loves her blue coat too and we both feel so toasty warm.  Mmmmm, feels gooood!  

Hey, how do I get this button undone?  
Muuuum?  Can you help me please?

See ya mates.
No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

P.S.  It's so exciting!  It's Friday here, but not Friday over the pond yet (bit confusing really) and we have a special post we can't wait to show you.  Please drop in again on Friday (your time).  X X

Friday, May 18, 2012

POTP, Awards, Competitions and a New Friend.

Hi Everybuddy, first off today we want to send our good friend Jake get well wishes.  He had major surgery and has just come home so can everyone please visit and give him the POTP so he gets well soon.  Thanks mates.

Next off, our friend Milo has a new baby brother called Jet who is a little black lab and we say, welcome to Blogville little man.  He is a super sweetie for sure.

Now we must thank Posie (or P-dorg) for awarding us the Liebster Award.  Thanks P-dorg, we think you are special too.  We only met a short time ago but love Posie's blog cause she gives us a smile everytime we visit.

On Wednesday we had a special delivery from Mr Postman.  It was from our friend Rubie.

I (Stella) won her birthday competition (along with others) called Partners n Pals where we had to send in a photo to compare ourselves with something similar.

Here is my entry: hehehe, I'm like the bad Gremlin, Stripe!

Rory helped open the present.

Oh my dog, it's an echnida.

Thanks Rubie for holding such a fun competition.

Back away from the echnida.  First and only warning.

Mum, have you seen my echnida?


87 minutes later.......

Take care all, and have a wonderful weekend.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nicknames for Sarge and Photos for Mr Frankie

Hi Everybuddy, we're entering Sarge's great new competition.

Here are the rules:

  1. Sometime between May 11th and end of the day on May 18th, create a post on your own blog where you list all of the nicknames you’ve been called by your peeps.
  2. Invite your furiends to comment with their own vote for his/her favorite of your nicknames.  For the following week, your peeps all have to call you ONLY BY YOUR WINNING NICKNAME!  BOL
  3. Leave a comment for me so that I know you pawticipated.
After the event ends, I will post a list showing all of the pawticipants and their winning nicknames.  All of the nicknames will be entered in a random drawing.  

So, as embarrassing as this is, we will do anything to try and win a prize (well almost anything).


Stellie Bellie -  (even though I have a fabulous figure)
Flarsey -  (Dad's favourite, a combination of fluffy and arsx)
Stripe -  (From Gremlins, for when I'm being particularly naughty)
Turdie -  (must be a favourite cause everyone calls me this)
Smellie Bellie -  (as if, we all know girls do not fart)
S  T  E  L  L  A  ! ! ! -   (you know, like in the movie, especially used when I steal socks, remote controls etc).

Now for Rory.


Snorey Rory (self explanatory)
Mr Plonkey (cause I am a slow mover at times)
Little Man (mum's special name, cause I am her favourite hehe)
Ror Ha (Dad's nickname for me, makes me sound like a cowboy)
Lard Arsx (Another of Dad's gems)

Well, there you have them.  Choose which one you like and let us know in the comments.  

We also have some photos from Dog Obedience of our new friend, little Cedric (we hope we have that right).  He is a super little fella full of spirit and cheekiness.


One last thing, this is our 100th post.  Dad still finds it amazing that we have posted so much twaddle amazing stories and he is jealous thrilled we have so many new friends.

Thanks for all taking the time to write and say hello and stuffs.  We love ya mates.  No worries and slobber, and love, Rory and Stella



Monday, May 14, 2012

Remembering my Mum

Dear Mum

 You loved me.

You loved Lisa.

 You loved Paul.

 You loved Laura.

You loved Tessa.

 You loved James.

We were loved.

I miss your dear sweet face.
Love Carol


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Penny's Story - A Life with Dogs

Shhhhh.  Please don't raise your voice. 
 Stella and Rory are sleeping.  It's me, Penny.

I've got a story to tell.  I do have to warn you, some parts of this story are sad but I can't change that.  It's my life and how I have lived with six different dogs.  Now, you all know cats have nine lives right?  Well, I'm here to say I reckon I have used most of mine up!  It all started long, long ago.  I came to live with my family when I was eight weeks old.  It was a pretty hectic life then.  All my human siblings were still home, the eldest being 14 and the youngest was only 3.  I got heaps of hugs, snuggles and stuffs so life was good.  My sissy Kara was only about 12 months old but right from the start we got on fine.

Well when I was about 12 months old I didn't watch when I was crossing the road and a big car hit me.  Let me tell you, it hurt like hell and I had to go to the Vet place.  I stayed there and had my broken leg fixed and plastered and for the next three months (yes that's right, three months cause it was so shattered) I hobbled around home but was spoilt rotten so that was fine.

I recovered of course, apart from having my tail amputated cause they found that was knackered too!

Kara and I got on just fine and our house was a peaceful one.  Well apart from the constant noise of a big family but that was ok.  Now this is when, and I don't know why, but mum and dad decided things didn't seem quite right.

So along comes my new brother Oscar.  It took quite a while to train him but eventually I showed him how to be a lap dog.  At least it stopped him chasing me!

We had Oscar for six years, but the evil Cancer Monster came and although my brother put up the bravest fight, mum and dad had to help him pass to the Rainbow Bridge.  Life in our home was not right.  We missed him dreadfully.

Our Sissy Lisa decided it was time for a pup.
Tyler.  That's OK.  He lives around the corner.  
Won't be much trouble.  Sigh.
He loved chasing cats.  Sigh.
Mum thinks, hey what a great idea.  Next thing you know.  A new pup.  My brother Brucey, who by the way, introduced us all to Blogville.  Thanks Brucey.  We will always remember you lead the way for the rest of us. 

He liked to chase cats too!  Sigh.

Don't leg those little puppy faces fool you for one minute.  
Cat chasers, both of them, the little ratbags!
After months and months, I finally trained them too. 
 No more chasing. 
We only had one short year with our Brucey.  He passed to the Rainbow Bridge to be with our brother Oscar.

Life was very quiet.  Just me and Kara.  
She liked sun puddles like me.  No chasing. 

Sadly, our Kara was getting very old and she too passed to the Rainbow Bridge to reunite with Oscar and Brucey.  Our family home was quiet.  I was on my own.  A home without dogs for the first time since I arrived.  Even I have to admit, it was not right.  Something had to be done.  And before I could say, for the love of cats, please don't chase me, THEY ARRIVED!

BOTH cat chasers.  Sigh.

After much training on my behalf and giving them a good backhand every now and then, I finally got a little respect!

No chasing, but the bloomin' watching drives me up the wall!

Anyhoo, that's my story.  I'm going to be 13 years old this year.  
I do get spoilt.  My little sissy and brother are starting to grow up and behave.  They think they are pretty smart cause they go to school, but us cats don't need a school to give us the smarts hehehe.

Oscar, Brucey and Kara, you helped make me the cat I am today.
Tolerant, but I don't take sh@! from any dog. 
See ya mates.  Good to catch up.
No worries, and purrs, Penny.