Stella and Rory

Stella and Rory

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sissy's Baking and A Picture for Uncle Anakin, Aunty Izzie and Aunty Trixie

Hi Everybuddy, tonight my sissy decided to do some baking.  She made one big cake and some little cakes.  It smelt good.  Now I have to tell you, I belong to a family that are a little nerdy.  They all love Harry Potter.  Well, Dad not so much, but everyone else loves the books and the movies.  That is why, as you can see, the cakes were very special.

Everyone had some and said it was delicious.  I only had a couple of crumbs cause mum said she didn't want to upset my tummy.  I think I should decide that!!  I'm glad my sissy loves to bake.

Also the other day when mum was going through our cloak room (a room full of old stuff and if I ever went in there I would probably get lost) she found this little statue and straight away thought of Uncle Anakin, Aunty Trixie and Aunty Izzie.  It reminded my mum of their angel sissy Josie.  So this photo is for them. 

 Have a wonderful day everybuddy.  

No worries, and love, Stella



  1. Oh what a sweet little pug statue. It does remind me of little Josie.


  2. That pug statue is cute, RIP sweet Josie. Yummy those cakes look great, I like HP too :)

  3. ok DROOOOLIES! are woo sure there's not one crumb left???
    ahh. what a sweet reminder of josie!


  4. That Harry Potter cake sure looks yummy! Not to mention the cupcakes.
    Stella, Toby asked me to give you a 'shout out' on our blog today. I hope that's ok with you. Thought you might enjoy a few more visitors.
    sending lotsaluv

  5. Hi I came from my woofie pal Toby to say hello and pleased to meet you. You are a cutie for sure. ( for a woofie that is ) I love the cake and bet it tasted yummy. I will be back.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Hi Stella, wow that's a very nice cake. It looks delicious too. I bet that it tasted real good too. I'll have to talk to my mom about getting some cake too.

  7. Hi Stella! Toby sent us over. It's furry nice to meet you! You are a very cute little girl. We liked seeing your COLD pictures from a few days back!! Come visit us. We're your newest followers!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  8. Hey Stella... you will LOVE Ruby, Bart, & Gizmo.

    I think that cake is amazing. BUTT I wonder.. How did your sister get the picture on there???

  9. Awww, that puggie is so cute. Very like Josie too.

    Cake - yummers - bet it was really tasty.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. I LOVE HP! I wonder if we have those Harry Potter cupcakes here.. I'll have to look out for them! I havent seen the last movie yet, has your family?

  11. Hi, Maxs Mom sent us over and we thought we would start following your blog.
    We have a very good friend Lily, that lives down under.
    We are Hamish & Sophie (both Golden Retrievers)
    Hamish is 9 and Sophie is 8, Sophie was a rescue at the age of 2 and we both get along great.
    Our Mom & Dad, Sheila & Bob have had Goldens for over 40 years.
    We look forward to dropping in our your blog.

    Hamish & Sophie

  12. Toby woofed about your blog, so I came over to say hello and read about your adventures down under in some of your posts. It's nice to meet you. I live down under too, but in the country across the ditch.


  13. Hi there!! We just came from Toby's blog and came over to visit with you. You sure have a great blog and we will be back to visit again! Lots of love, Holly & Debbie

  14. ps...It's so nice to see Angel Bruce and Angel Kara on your blog too :)
    Sending lotsaluv
    MM IN SA

  15. Your sisters are talented! Mine take the frosting off and give me some cake when Mom's not looking, but Mom's pretty strict. Something about "Dogs don't eat sugar." I think it's an excuse.


  16. Stella and Stella's sweet Momma-
    That does look like our Angel sissy Josie~ Thank you for the very special posty!!
    You truly touched us and our Momma is leaky eyed- butt hers said in a good way-
    Your kindness means a lot to us!!

    Your Auntie IzZY & Auntie TriXie,
    Uncle Anakin and
    Pugga Momma :)

  17. We came here 'cause Maxmom said there was a little spaniel that was just too cute for words. Boy, was she ever right - you are adorable! Our momma just ♥s spaniels and says that one day there will be a merry lil' spaniel at her feet again - just like when she was a child.

    It is so nice to meet you, Stella. We will be back to keep an eye on you and see what you're up to all the way over on the other side of this big world of ours☺.

  18. Thank you for our box! Photos to follow.

    Your fan club is growing! Way to go, Stella! That is a nice memento for Angel Josie. And what an excellent HP cake and cup cakes! You're lucky your sissy bakes; mama used to but she gave it up long before we came to live with her.

    Uncle Jed & Aunt Abby

  19. Did someone mention CAKE? Yum!!!


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